Memory Keepers

If you are one of Bren's Memory Keepers, and you have just received your kit, then Let's Get Started!

This is your time to get your “Imaginary Key” to your store and open for business.  Set up your Origami Owl launch party within the first 7-10 days of getting your kit.  The focus is to party! Your goal is to book future parties and for friends and family to become your future Hostesses and/or team members.  If you get a couple of sales during your launch party, GREAT! but your goal is to host a party and book parties.
1)      Smile, Relax and Have a Good Time!!
2)      See if your Mentor can attend for moral support and to watch her in action. If not, ask if she will be available by phone for questions in case you have any issues.
3)      Send out Invitations to your Launch Party about 10 -12 days in advance, choose evite, Facebook Events or snail mail invites whatever works for you.  Invite everyone you know –remember only 1 out of every 4 people invited will be able to show up –so over invite!
4)      Follow-up phone calls, text messages, Facebook and email reminders are a MUST and a PLUS!!  Plan to contact everyone 3 days before your event tell them that “You hope to see them at the event.”
5)      Take a look at your Calendar for the next two months.  Choose the dates that you want to work.  Make a list of YOUR closest open party dates.  Let guests choose which day they want to hold their parties from your available dates. If you choose to give an incentive for hosting, offer their favorite charm as your gift to them for booking a party.  Create the Facebook Event for the days you will be available.  This way, when they book their party, you will already have it set up, all you have to do is add their information.
6)      Display a “Catalog Party!”  Set out a “Sign up for a Catalog or Facebook Party Sheet”.  Again give gifts for booking when they actually HOST the party! Have a sign that says, book a party, pick a prize and have little prizes wrapped up.
7)      KEEP IT SIMPLE! Your event is an Origami Owl Launch Party, not a “Dinner at your house” event.  A few beverages and non-greasy snacks will do.  You don’t want your guest touching greasy snacks and then handling your lockets.
8)      Organize your charms by collections in order of the catalog.  Makes it easier to look at when they have a guide.
9)      Set up a little check out area with your buy, host or join flyers, talking about each aspect of the business; a calculator, a $ collection bag, and your calendar.  Ask for referrals – “Who do your friends and family know that would just love Origami Owl?” Remember to have a signup sheet or calendar for Catalog Parties and Home Parties at Check-Out!  Guests may have questions about each type of party.
10)  Remember to hand out your business card and get their all their information on their receipt or   drawing slips.

Now!  Go book your Launch Party and fill up your calendar while having fun!

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  1. Whootinista!!! I'm an Official Memory Keeper! I'm so excited about this journey. What an Incredible Team. Thank You so very much for being such an Inspiration.
    HUGS xoxo

  2. Coming Up on our Anniversary of one month & what an Amazing Month it's been of learning, loving and growing. I Owldore and humbled to be apart of Team Memory Keepers. The positivity and sheer interest in changing our lives that each member commits to is PRICELESS! Thank you for Believing in ME! xoxo
    Owldorably Yours,

  3. I hope you see this as I am unable to use email to contact you- my name is Tina and was hoping to chat with you on how to make the awesome pics you have made with the jewelry- i signed up about a month ago- my email is