Monday, August 18, 2014

Happy Fall Product Launch Day with Origami Owl Introducing "Lanyards" & "CORE"!

It's time to start shopping early for...
There I said it, because every year I tell myself I am going to shop early and be ready.
And NOW we have these cool lanyards, classy earrings and leather wrap bracelets!

PLUS, when it comes to shopping early. these little gems don't take up a lot of space!
Easy to HIDE! Easy to store!
Comes with packaging, so you save time wrapping too!
Customized, so YOU pick out the perfect gift for that special person!

You will LOVE LOVE LOVE our new core collection.
With sterling silver statement pieces like "Force for Good" and "Wild at Heart"
SO dang cute and fun!

Are you a paper person?
I DO have catalogs, we call them TOM's
because they are our Take-Out-Menu's since everything is A-La-Cart!
TOM's are FREE with a purchase!

New Fall Products Available NOW!

With the holiday season approaching, it's a great time to start YOUR new O2 business!
Really? 30%-50% profit! saWEEEEEt!
Find out more & Join my Memory Keepers Team {HERE}!

I'm so excited!
over 300 NEW products....
but remember there are also some limited edition charms!

Get them while you can! 

NEW lanyard necklaces and lockets!

Introducing our CORE collection!
I LOVE this line!

Exclusive hexagon Swarovski Crystals!

New smashing Bridal Collection!

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