Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wear your story...Origami Owl Living Lockets...perfect!

The Perfect gift idea!

Even if my friends didn't know I sell these beauties and they bought me a locket...I would be thrilled! Because each one is unique, each one tells a story.  It could be about your grandchildren, your parents, your hometown, valentines day, christmas, endless combinations of charms for the occasion.  Oh and you CAN change them out if you want because they have a strong magnet where they open up!  I suggest using a toothpick to open them so you don't scratch them.  Can't decide weather to get the one with the bling or not?  Get the bling, because you can flip it and wear it plain if you want for a different look!  Got a plate inside?  Back it with a photo and you have two looks without changing a thing!
Wear a couple lockets for a layered look...endless possibilities and endless smiles!

and it's the perfect job!

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