Monday, April 8, 2013

Join the Memory Keepers Origami Owl Living Lockets Team! Have a little Faith!

Love the idea of owning your own business?
Setting you own hours?
Getting in on the ground floor of something really BIG?

For a small investment, you can join the {Memory Keepers}

Have a little FAITH!

Enter ID#20337


  1. Hi. Is there anyway that I can purchase the saying within your locket? I know that you made this yourself but (sadly) I have no crafting skills and I have no clue how to do this. I'd love to have this for my locket. Please let me know.

  2. Hi there...are you with Origami Owl too? Or just love the lockets?
    I'm happy to share...I will also tell you how I did it...

  3. I just LOVE the lockets. Just recently discovered these and I'm going to need a second job to afford everything that I want in the new book. Wow - wow!! I just purchased my first locket (anxiously awaiting) from someone in our church that had a party and stumbled across your blog! Absolutely love what you did here (but again, I have ZERO crafting abilities) Would gladly pay you for making one of these for me. (email address is

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  5. Hi there! Glad you love the lockets! I would be happy to take your order and put your locket together for you! If you want the mustard see saying, I can do that for you too! Just go to my website to see everything, ( write down what you would like, I will order it for you and ship it to you assembled! So maybe your second job can be a designer for Origami Owl? Then you can sell lockets to your friends and earn some for yourself!
    thanks for finding me!!!!