Sunday, March 10, 2013

Origami Owl~Tiffany Blue Party Ideas!

OK, so you are supposed to keep things simple at your party, but I could not help but get into the spirit of party planning!!!  So here is a little eye candy to get you thinking!

I love the ombre look! If you are feeling adventurous, check THIS out..but really you are supposed to keep your party SIMPLE, I just don't know HOW to do I just had to share this!

the how-to's are {HERE}

Or maybe you are feeling a bit OWL-y

White will match too! {HERE}

some pink is ok look at this!


 lovin' these tiffany blue macaroons!
or these swirly ones..

or some simple sugar cookies...

Hooty cake pops anyone? {HERE}

Now if it's an early morning event, these are pancake pops...really?

A splash of fun...
Tiffany Punch: Perfect for an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar!
Blue Hawaiian Punch and Lemonade (some add Blue UV Vodka to this)
and here is another

Polar Punch Recipe:
1~13 oz pkg blue berry flavored unsweetened drink mix
1~2 ltr bottle lemon-lime soda
1~64 oz white cranberry juice
8 scoops vanilla ice cream
1 cup sugar or to taste

oh you might need straws...

Keep it casual...
Of course you will be sporting a locket!

These are kinda fun...

Your kids can all wear these...

Tiffany Blue chocolate hearts {HERE}

I can't really think of any healthy blue food...
blueberries, but they are the wrong shade of blue ya know...
blue cheese, I could work with that...

Really, M & M's and Kool-aid are fine...
as long as they are tiffany blue :)
Ya don't want to clash with my display!

OK, so ya know I'm just kiddin' (kinda), I have to get off Pinterest and go to bed!!!!
Is it really 2am?

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  1. OWLDORABLY Adorable!!! These are just stunning ideas. I will have to check out your board ;) HUGS xoxo